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Another idea about donating

Generosity is powerful. When it’s personal the impact soars. Friends of ours do it this way:

They designate part of their household budget as a’giving fund.’ They give this money away personally, not through an organization, when an opportunity or need arises. Credit for a tax deduction does not matter. Here’s an example:

The wife met with an acquaintance for coffee. She discovered in conversation that this woman’s husband had been out of work for months. She then noticed as they walked to their cars that this woman’s tires were in bad shape. So she cut a check, paying for a new set of tires – on the spot – explaining that she and her husband do this because God has been so generous to them. Her friend was stunned (really undone) by her generosity.

Several things stand out in this story. First they have a ready supply for giving. Second, they actively look for opportunity or need to give towards. Third, generosity provides an open door for practically showing God’s kindness. Fourth, a chief joy in their marriage is investing in others and seeing them impacted. All are powerful.

My friends have their own vision for giving and need no organizational vehicle. Many people engage in generosity very practically like this, in many different ways. Highlighting some of these creative expressions is part of our goal to inspire generosity. There is so much power released when we invest in others personally. We’ll post stories of the creative ways other friends give moving forward.

The RAINMAKER Project is a division of NU World Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax deductible as allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

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