A beautifully simple plan


God’s plan is beautiful and simple. His plan is partnering with humanity to build a world of interaction and transaction that operates like Heaven. When He made us, he gave us everything needed to build the world, by placing us in heaven with Him.

As God’s indispensable partner in establishing this world we were targeted for minimization. The resulting Fall of humanity was no stumble; it was a plunge from Heaven where we were. Now we connected more easily with our enemy through fear, than God through faith. Thus we built our world on fear, lust, and violence ensued.

God remedied this through Jesus. His ultimate goal was re-establishing us ‘in heavenly places,’ re-empowering us to transform this world. We are now reseated with Him in heaven. This provides power to transform our nature, and provides access to all God originally intended.

Our purpose now is God’s original plan for humanity. This includes being His friend, living with His nature, and building a human world of interaction and transaction that He can live in. That has alway been God’s simple and beautiful plan for our lives.

About the author

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is a business owner, consultant, and best selling author. He offers a refreshing new look at God, His Plan, and our purpose in the world. He lives in Colorado where enjoys hunting, skiing, hiking, and is terrible at fly fishing.

By Steve Thompson

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