Christ in us. Us in the world.


God’s plan in the simplest terms.

Christ inside us and us inside the world.

This is how God transforms us individually and the world as a whole.

By adding Himself in. 

Addition brings increase. Subtraction only decreases.

It’s math.

God plans to make us and the world better.

Simply by adding Himself …

Into us and then into the world through us in practical ways. 

‘Christianity is more about Christ inside you than you inside a church building. God’s plan is Christ living in us and us living in the world to transform it.’

Christ living inside us as we live and work inside of the world .

That equals God living in our world.

And that has been His plan all along.

Can it really be that simple?

Do the math.

God in us + Us in the World = God in the world.

It really is that simple.

About the author

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is a business owner, consultant, and best selling author. He offers a refreshing new look at God, His Plan, and our purpose in the world. He lives in Colorado where enjoys hunting, skiing, hiking, and is terrible at fly fishing.

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  • I am so glad I stumbled upon your website and these stories you’ve recently written. I had a great falling away from God about 5 years ago and am just now trying to pick up the pieces. I constantly struggle with trying to be a Christ Follower in my day to day life but realize that I am so quick to revert back to what I was when I steeped in church and rules and regulations and outward appearance. Thank you for putting a much needed fresh perspective on what being a Christ Follower means.

By Steve Thompson

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