Find ‘your genius’


‘You’ll only be a good you. You will be a pretty sorry anyone else.’

‘If two of us are identical, one of us is unnecessary.’

This advice from my first mentor set the course of my life. It enabled me to value my gifts, talents, and unique way of thinking. Abandoning who I was and my gifts would have been much easier at times. Instead I forged ahead, developed my gifts, and found success that enabled me to serve many other people.  

Your genius

‘Your genius’ is the combination of gifts, talents, perspective, and unique personality that makes you who you are. It is what God gave you that sets you apart to make you successful. 

Your success IS God’s plan for your life. God gave you gifts and talents to succeed in order to serve others, grow in influence, and make the world a better place. At the most foundational level, this is His will and how our world is transformed.

Your place

We might be your tribe, but The RAINMAKER Project is not the place to ‘do your thing.’ In fact for 99% of the population, church is not even the place to fulfill your purpose. The world is your oyster.

Please don’t misunderstand. We will do anything in our power to help you. You can receive insight, encouragement, identify with us, and even consider yourself part of our community. We are not here to provide anyone an identity or a place to fulfill their purpose.

Some part of our world needs exactly who you are, your gifts, and talents in order to make it better. Our goal is helping people find their place in God’s plan – not provide people a place in our organization.

Your gifts

Find where your gifts and talents fit and serve there. Do what you do best. Discover and develop your gifts. They can take you great places and before great people (Proverbs 18:16).

Here are some stories from friends doing God’s will in the world in very cool ways. Our goal in sharing their stories is inspiring you to do what is in your heart. These are examples to inspire, not models to emulate.

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