They said it was simple


God.  Faith.  The Christian Life.

Remember when they said:

‘Just receive Jesus. He did it all for us.’

Then they started talking about all the things YOU had to do.

Church membership, prayer, tithing, Bible study, devotionals, a growing list of dos and don’ts.

Was it supposed to be this involved?

If Jesus did it all for us – then what is ALL this other stuff about?

Christianity seems more focused on ‘internal things’ than the world itself.

If God cares about the world, why does ‘the church’ hate or ignore it?

Is Jesus just a front man for Christianity?

… a sort of a ‘loss leader’ to get us into the church as new members?

Is church involvement God’s plan for our life?

What about career, work, family, and everything outside of church?

Where does God factor into all of these or does He?

What is life for a Christian supposed to look like now?

What is God’s plan for us and the world?

Is it really possible to know and fulfill God’s will for our lives?

Do my career and work really matter to God?

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