They said it was simple


God. Faith. The Christian life.

Remember what they said?

‘Just receive Jesus. He did it all.’

Then came ALL the new things YOU had to learn.

Tithing, church membership, prayer, Bible study, devotionals, a long list of dos and don’ts.

It wasn’t supposed to be so complicated & involved.

And then it got worse.

Soon you were consumed with making sure you did the right thing.

Instead of just doing it naturally.

If Jesus did it all – then what is this other stuff about?

Is Jesus just the ‘face,’ the front man for Christianity?

Or is He only a ‘loss leader’ to get us into the church?

Is church involvement the real plan of God?

If so what does that mean about the world we live in?

What about our career, work, family, the future, etc?

Where does Jesus factor into it all – and where do we fit?

What is life supposed to look like now?

Does God have a plan for us and for the world?

About the author

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is a business owner, consultant, and best selling author. He offers a refreshing new look at God, His Plan, and our purpose in the world. He lives in Colorado where enjoys hunting, skiing, hiking, and is terrible at fly fishing.

By Steve Thompson

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